Do-Bo Logistics

Transport company Do-Bo Logistics provides you with tailored haulage at highly competitive prices. As your logistics partner, we take on a directing role, arranging the perfect solution for your specific transport needs using various hauliers. We make skilful use of the current market conditions to get you the right result. Besides a custom solution, this results in an excellent price-quality ratio. Do-Bo can leverage its own charters with 25 semi-trailers, guaranteeing you transport continuity.
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Tank transport or dry freight?
Our forty years of experience in the transport sector means we are on the ball when it comes to the available options. We can cover any destination or type of goods; in bulk or per piece, dry or liquid freight. Added to which, we are a seasoned specialist in tank transport.
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Tailored international transport
What are the going rates, the most suitable semi-trailers and the quickest route for international transportation? Do-Bo has long running partnerships with international hauliers based in Eastern Europe. We also have our own Spanish branch. Thanks to this local approach, we can offer you the best possible international transport solution.
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